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On one of his side excursions while on a hunting trip with Uncle Roland into the Red Forest, three years ago, Nars became aware that he was not alone. And that he was being followed. However, despite his relatively good tracking skills, and his best attempts to double back and catch a glimpse of his shadow, he could still see nothing. From time to time, he could hear quiet giggling coming from somewhere behind him and to his left…usually after he had slipped or tripped over a root (a common event in the this overgrown forest). The occasional giggling followed him for the next two hours until he reached the Kelethor base camp. Embarassed that he might be hearing things and at his inability to catch sight of his stalker, he didn't mention the giggling to anyone.

The next morning while Roland frying a slab of bacon over the fire, a curious looking creature sidled into the camp. About the size of a house cat and with wings, it appeared to be (based on a few paintings he had seen)…a dragon. The creature appeared to be sniffing the air every few feet and Roland observantly noticed that the creature was approaching from the downwind side of his cooking. While not unusual to have animals wander into camp, Roland had never seen a creature like this before and watched with intrigue. And so it was that he lost his breath in surprise when the creature suddenly announced "Bacon! I looooove bacon! Oh, and good morning, sir." before showing a wide toothy grin. As Roland stared at this fascinating creature, the creature suddenly disappeared before his eyes. And several seconds later appeared with a popping noise right by his side. The creature…giggled. Roland, caught of guard by such a strange incidence, could think of nothing else to do: he offered the creature some of the bacon. After scarfing down several pieces, the creature introduced himself, saying "I'm Zasz the Magnificent, what's your name?". Roland guardedly replied. A quiet but otherwise mostly normal conversation ensued for several minutes. Following an awkward pause of some length, Zasz asked if Roland wanted to see something funny, assuring him it would be harmless but that Roland should hide and watch Nars. His curiosity piqued, Roland agreed, watched as Zasz disappear again, and hid behind a tree. Shortly thereafter, two strips of bacon lifted from the pan and seemed to float on their own accord through the air toward where Nars was still asleep. After waving a few times right in front of Nars nose, Nars groggily woke up and was, well, shocked to see bacon floating in midair. As he reached for the strange bacon, it zoomed out of reach. And then out of reach again. And again. Zasz couldn't contain himself…he started giggling. Nars, infuriated at this point, made an unexpectedly quick grab for the bacon and got it this time. Zasz let go and suddenly appeared with a loud "Pop!" six inches from Nars face. After the shock wore off, Zasz flew several feet away and began rolling on the ground with laughter. Roland gave in and offered a hearty chuckle as well.

And so it was that Zasz, lured with the promise of more bacon by Roland and with the prospect of additional fun (courtesy of Nars), followed them back to their home in Doerstadt. After finding Roland a little dull on his own, Zasz took up residence in the Kelethor home, where he often tempted Nars or Lore to engage in some entertainment with him.

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