Sometime before the beginning of the First Age
Dragons leave Thrynn?
0 F.A.
End of the First Rakshasa War - Rakshasa leave Thrynn
1119 F.A.
Humans arrive on Thrynn accompanied by lots of undead
1138 F.A.
Doerstadt, the first human city founded
1207 F.A.
Conflict between humans and elves; elves retreat to hidden cities in the central mountain range
Plans for the construction of Ashkelath finalized.
1224 F.A.
Human Magosi government established
End of the First Age
4 S.A.
Magosi signs peace and trade agreements with the dwarves
9 S.A.
Construction of Ashkelath completed
601 S.A.
Rise of the Keepers of the Secret Fire
602 S.A.
Defeat of Zeuraveste, leader of the KSF
War with Alyssa; 4 great dragons killed and raised as abominations; defeat of Alyssa and her armies by Reki's Company of Heroes.
719 S.A.
Arrival of halfling race on Thrynn, accompanied by lots of undead
720 S.A.
Expedition sent out to find out where the halflings came from
831 S.A.
Present day
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