Real name: Oroh Verbes
Aliases: Just plain Oroh (as the mysterious and dreaded lord of the New Perth underworld); Lumiel Revellach (as a gentleman of note in New Perthian high society)
Date of Birth: 13 Oroh, 800 S. A.
Alignment: Chaotic Opportunist
Class: Rogue and/or Bard-oratory (though if you have a better class idea, by all means)
Attributes: I'm not actually going to roll the character or create his charsheet or anything since I'm not sure if you mean to use him in the campaign and in any case it wouldn't do for me to know those things in detail. But he is the sort of person who would have below-average STR and CON, reasonably high DEX, decent but not amazing INT, high WIS, and freakishly high CHA.
Physical Description: Oroh, when Ae'Ven knew him, was scrawny kid with a handsome-but-sullen face, bright red hair, and shrewd eyes. He is, nowadays, still scrawny, but much more imposingly so. He wears only black and white clothing cut in simple but classy ways, including a stylish hat and white gloves and a gentleman's walking-stick1. His hair is cropped short and his face is clean-cut. He looks very respectable, unless he takes the gloves off, at which point one is struck by the complex tattoos that cover the entirety of his right hand. In the center of the palm is his personal seal (see attached file). The other tattoos on his hand range from the sublime to the macabre. It is excellent work, clearly done by a master. He has no other tattoos, and wears no jewelry. He bears no visible scars and could easily blend in with the nobility if he wanted to. He sometimes does. Ae'Ven probably would not recognize him at first if he saw him; it has been too long. But once he did learn whom he was looking upon, the resemblance would be striking.
Personality: Hard to say. He has always been very private, soft-spoken, and polite, but very strong-willed. He had a frightful charisma about him as a young man, able to convince and manipulate others without even seeming to try. He can be a ladies' man if he wants to but generally he acts uninterested - but does so in a way that only makes them want him more. He is very good at putting on different personalities to suit the moment. This was true even as a child, and much more so now. You never quite know what to expect from Oroh, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

Private page

Oroh loved his parents and brother well enough but he wasn't a fool. He had no desire to live as an average craftsman in Doerstadt all his life. He learned, early on, how to use people. He didn't even realize he could at first, it just came naturally to him. And it wasn't just using people - he could inspire people, or dishearten them; unite or divide as he desired. He was weak of frame, not nearly as good a thinker or craftsman as his brother would turn out to be, and generally undervalued by people around him. But he was crafty, and he had power where it counted. And he began to use it.

He convinced a group of petty smugglers bringing goods in from New Perth to let him come with them in exchange for the wealth in his father's store. Once there, he accepted his humble start as a low-level thief, but he rose quickly through the ranks. He was weak, but he was good, and he was tough, and he knew how to curry favor with the bosses and pit his rivals against one another. He gained a reputation with his superiors for shrewdness and dependability and a reputation with his underlings for fairness and good leadership. Slowly he gained more and more power and authority - both real and perceived - and became one of the power players in the small smuggling ring. In this new position, he began to suggest improvements to the system, increased business, defeated rival organizations, and began to create his image. He let word of the powerful crime lord named Oroh - Death - spread in New Perth and let the people begin to worry as crime increased and his signature symbol began to appear. Rivals in the organization died violent deaths - never by his hand, but people began to learn. He aggressively expanded shipping, worked his way into high society to gain information and contacts, and struck a deal with the cult of Mor'thos to deal in items of a more lucrative and sensitive nature. By the time he had the leader of the organization killed, it was a technicality - he was the one in charge anyway. The people of the organization loved and feared him. The people of New Perth just feared him.

Ae'Ven and Roland visited a while before Oroh actually came to rule the organization in the technical sense, but he was already the de facto head of it, and he was the one that people had heard of, the brutal phantom crime lord who threatened the livelihood of the whole city. Since then, he did become an actual, technical crime lord, but what has happened in the years since then I'll leave up to you. :-D

Oroh is not a wicked man in the sense that he delights in evil. He is an amoral man who does not particularly care either way. He is happy to do good when it suits his purposes, or evil when it suits his purposes. He loves the power he has and loves to use it, though not to the point where he will use it unwisely and lose everything he has built up.

He is not one to get his hands dirty when he can help it. He had far rather manipulate someone else into doing that sort of thing.

He does not hate his brother. When he thinks about him at all, he pities and despises him.

Oroh, though he will not hesitate to kill or violate if it suits him, is not the type to take things personally, hold grudges, or hate anyone. He simply doesn't love anyone either, except himself.

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