Here's where I'd like to schedule our 2-hour chat session. Fill in times that you would like to have it or would not like to have it. All times are PDT (or PST, whichever one we're on right now). Keep in mind that some of us will be on Eastern Time, which is given in parenthesis.

Please put your name next to times that work for you, or any comments that you make, so we know who the jerk is who's screwing up the schedule who can make what times.

Jacob suggests putting your initials in the time slots that you prefer. And using your initials with strikethrough to indicate bad times.
JS - Jacob Seene
JB - Jordy Boye
DM - David Morrison (isn't that cute? DM is the DM…)
TW - Tessa Williams
PS - Peter Scherpelz
KP - Kathryn Poindexter
BS - Buck Schulze
RS - Ryan Stoddard

Friday Saturday Sunday
0800 (1100) Work Church
0900 (1200) Work Church
1000 (1300) Work Church
1100 (1400) Work Church
1200 (1500) Work TW, JB JS
1300 (1600) Work JB, DM, TW, PS, KP JS, DM, TW, KP, PS
1400 (1700) Work JB, DM, TW, PS, KP JB, JS, DM, TW, KP, PS
1500 (1800) Work JB, DM, TW, KP, PS JB, JS, DM, TW, KP, PS
1600 (1900) Work DM, TW, KP, PS JB, JS, DM, TW, KP, PS
1700 (2000) Work TW, KP, PS JS
1800 (2100) JS, TW,KP ,KP, JB TW, KP, PS JS
1900 (2200) JS, TW,PS ,PS TW, KP, PS JS
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