Name: Roland Gerard Kelethor
Race: Human
Born: Llaer 7, 799 S.A. (Age: 32)
Occupation: Carpenter/woodcarver.
Spouse: Gertrude L.T.
Residence: 429 Edgware Rd., Doerstadt, Bhan.
Description: Roland is short with brown hair, a well-kept beard, bifocals, a pocketwatch, and a broad grin.

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Roland is a simple man, quiet but passionate about all he does.

Roland is a master woodworker. He is intent on what he does, to the point of absent-mindedness sometimes, but when he puts his mind to something, he can generally figure out what makes it tick, and how to convey the essence of the thing.

Roland did the normal sort of schooling for a boy in Doerstadt, until about age 14. He was then apprenticed to a carpenter. He was a bright kid, and was allowed to do the more artistry-oriented woodworking from early-on (so rather than building square tables, he moved on to ones with ornate lathed legs, beveled tops, and frieze-style sides). He met Gertie while hiking on the outskirts of town one day, they walked together for a while, and became fast friends. After a few years, they were married, but that was after he had taken over a portion of his previous (and since-retired) master's business and opened his own shop. Roland has been a good citizen - no run-ins with the law at all - and he's currently a respected member of the local woodworkers' guild. He and Gertie don't have any kids, but they do have a dog, named "Dog."



Roland likes the outdoors and when the weather is good, half of his shop is in his backyard, where he assembles larger things or just works there because it's nice.

Roland likes people; he likes beauty, and creating beautiful things with his brain and hands for people to enjoy. He can work for long periods while alone, but he likes the social side of his work - interacting with customers, and his fellow craftsmen. He gets excited about getting some aspect of his craft just right. He hates deception, snobbery, carrots, and the color yellow. When he's done working for the day, he spends time with Gertie and Dog and Loren and Narsereg, or sometimes he goes hiking or reads or practices archery (hunting sometimes, or just for fun.)

Roland is good with people. He's perceptive when he wants to be; his eye and ear are practiced from studying subjects for his art, and having to deal with plenty of different folks for his business. People enjoy being around him but he doesn't stand out in a crowd. Roland has few really close friends, but those he has are old friends; some are now in other cities, and he writes to them. He loves Gertie, and the rest of his family.

Roland and Analia were not very close as siblings - for an extrovert, Analia always seemed to keep her own counsel. Many a time he would chuck a pillow from the couch at her when she would loudly annoy him while he was trying to read. Roland and his other, remaining, sister are on good terms, and Roland helps Lome out from time to time. She never asks, and he never offers, but that is just their quiet and unspoken way of being family. Roland is pretty tight with Verbes, as well - they have a mutual respect as craftsmen, and they traveled together while looking for Analia a few years ago.

In a way, Roland has reacted to his father much like Gantt reacted to his own parents - a rebellion of paradigms, if it was perhaps a more peaceful process in Roland's case. In contrast to the deconstructionist and anti-social tendencies of Gantt, Roland is creative and enjoys living in harmony with his family, his neighbors, and his environment. He loves his father, despite the frostiness that exists between them sometimes.

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