Fight Details

Something happened in New Perth the day Roland and Verbes split up to try to find information more efficiently.

They arranged to meet back at the inn that evening, then they both spent a long, hard day searching, with little success and a great deal of frustration. Both ended up returning late to the rendezvous. Roland, always punctual and concerned that Verbes might begin to worry, took a shortcut back to the inn. Just before he arrived, he ran into a tattooed thug who set upon him. The thug was clearly not expecting the fierce resistance that Roland put up, and Roland managed to knock the knife out of the thug's hand before the thug managed to do anything to him. Still, the thug was good; Roland sustained a number of bruising hits and blows. He gave as good as he got, but the fight began to wear on him, and the thug started to press his advantage. Verbes was just returning to the inn, heard some commotion, and saw the fight in progress. He arrived just as several other passersby began to investigate. The distraction gave the thug an opening. He broke away from Roland and dove for his dropped dagger. Roland saw what was happening but could not stop it. He snatched up a piece of scrap metal that was lying in the alley and struck the thug over the head before he could bring the dagger around. Adrenaline flooded him in his desperation and he struck far harder than he intended. The thug's skull crumpled under the blow and he died instantly.

Now that the man was down, they got a good look at him. He was covered in tattoos, and Verbes recognized some of them from his history reading as symbols of the cult of Mor'thos. Beyond that, he was a fairly ordinary thug, and from the looks of it, fairly impoverished. Shaken, they both returned to the inn.

For having survived a fight to the death, Roland was not in too bad of shape, and had no serious wounds. Still, he was bruised and exhausted and needed to convalesce for a few days. Verbes also insisted they have a physician look at him (Roland insisted he was fine) and the doctor's bill drained their funds further. While Roland recovered, Verbes made a few more inquiries but he turned up nothing that would help.

When Roland had recovered and his bruises had started to fade, he was eager to return to Doerstadt. His own brush with mortality made him want very much to return to his wife's side. Verbes agreed. By the time they returned to Doerstadt, Roland was completely healthy, with no marks of the battle on him. He asked Verbes to tell no one what had happened, especially Gertie, and Verbes gave his word.

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