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Name: Narsereg R K Carver
Race: 5/16-Human / 1/4-Elf / 1/4-Orc / 1/8-Halfling / 1/16-Giant
Alignment: Neutral Perceptive
Appearance: About 5'5", with bright green eyes and brown hair, tanned skin, but clearly young - recently a teenager. Less than 90 lb., he is lanky and flexible, but borders on being frail. He is normally dressed in loose clothes - a green tunic, brown pants and cloak - but his childish wanderings have taken him to more dangerous parts of the forest, when he takes a spear, shield, and leather armor. The shield is ornately decorated - a wonderful gift from Roland for Narsereg's 12th birthday.
Personality: Nars, as he calls himself, likes a good bit of time to himself, and especially with animals. He is at home in the forest, and no one quite knows the extent of his childish imaginations in the forest - but his talking to the animals does not seem to be solely in his imagination, for he does seem to understand them better than most people. However, when with other people, he is bold to speak, is fast and energetic and not very quiet, and tends to be quite perceptive of what other people might be thinking - uncanny for someone so young.
Background: The son of Lome and Margim, Nars only remembers the part of his life without his father. Everyone sees a decent amount of Nars if they visit after work, except for his teacher, who never sees him after the 10 minutes Lome is still in the area- and Nars has used both this time, and nightly wanderings when there's enough moonlight to see by, to explore the forest. Very, very often. Most people know this about Nars, they just have accepted that they won't really change it and make him a normal person.

That said, Nars is open, enjoys other people in his time with them, and is at home with his mother and sister. He's likable enough - not the most charming personality, but far from dislikable for his age. His most memorable activities include hunting with Roland, and wandering around climbing trees or building forts with his mother. He also enjoys playing the ocarina - perhaps not the first instrument Verbes would have chosen for him, but Nars likes easily being able to take it on his woodland adventures, and Verbes has given the lessons.

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