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In the forest, Nars talks to animals, and mostly likes exploring, giving him as much knowledge of the forest near Doerstadt as possible. He primarily likes the forest in a Calvin-like imaginative child exploring sense, but has also grown attached to many of the more intelligent animals there through his speaking with them. However, unlike a "nature-boy," Nars doesn't avoid people - he likes people too, and enjoys spending time with his family, as well as with a couple friends, but whenever he drags his friends out into the forest, they tend to be scared by the places he goes - too far away from a path so that they feel lost; too many strange noises that Nars is comfortable with, too many things Nars notices that they don't. So mostly he visits friends in town, plays games around towns and learns a little about the streets with his friends. Nars tends to be very perceptive of other's feelings or emotions, but not very intelligent about the circumstances surrounding them.

He has, however, met another druid, Anjerg, in the forest. Anjerg prefers for no one to know of his presence, so Nars has kept that trust and no one knows of Anjerg - and they continue to only meet up through their mutual wanderings, rather than anything planned, so it was never necessary to make up excuses to visit Anjerg. Anjerg, however, has taught Nars the skills he now excitedly learns of the forest, that his family has little clue where they come from, even though they know Nars does have special magical powers. (You're free to develop Anjerg as an NPC, or if you want me to I may later, but not yet).

Nars has been taught to hate things that ruin nature, abominations or men ruining the forest. In the city and among the family he tends to be fairly accepting, not yet old enough to have developed strong opinions about what is good and bad.

He worships Lystra, due to his mother's worship of the same, but his faith has not developed in the same way his love of nature could - but, at only 14 years of age, perhaps it will later.

And finally, Nars does have well-developed goals for his future. He grew up with really Roland and Anjerg being the closest thing to father figures, and due to the lack of it in his own family, is determined to be a strong man himself as he grows up. He wants to be able, as a way of using that strength, to be able to protect and help both his mother and his sister. He hears stories from Anjerg of people who have been a protector both of nature and those he loves; that is exactly who Roland would like to e, since he doesn't see anyone else like that around him.

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