Lore Carver, Coming Up

Name: Lorena (Lore) Carver, age 17
Race: 5/16 human, 1/4 elf, 1/4 orc, 1/8 halfling, 1/16 giant
Alignment: Neutral philosophical
Appearance: halfling height, ash-blond hair (one of those recessive traits) normally braided back by her mother, hazel eyes that turn black when angry
Personality: Quiet. Lore likes to stand and listen to other people, even when they don't know she's around. She's good at not being noticed. Like her parents and brother, she tends to go on solitary walks in the woods, though she is rather more fond of people and towns than her younger brother. She has strong feelings of love and affection for things she is used to and loves, like her family, but is less concerned with the plights of others, though if she takes the trouble to think about it, she will help them. She wonders who her father is, and wonders what her life will be like, and who is good and what is evil and why things are the way they are. Not many friends.
Lore is quiet and small and fiercely devoted to her family, particularly her mother and brother. She is intelligent, but never liked school very much, and learned a lot on her own, instead. She is very fond of playing her flute, especially when no one else is around.

Lore is not political and doesn't much care about the city, except that it includes people who buy her mother's meat and her uncles' goods. She doesn't much care for other young people her own age, though she willingly looked after and then found a home for an abandoned baby she found one day. She doesn't care much about religion, either— not that she's against it, but that she hasn't seen anything real or worthwhile in it yet, and is waiting for it to make the first move. She thinks about things on her own, rather than accepting some other people's judgments. That's why she misses her father, and believes that he has gone with some sort of purpose. She loves and trusts her mother, loves her brother and uncles and aunt and grandfather. She has her own ideas of whom to help and why, of what is the right response in a situation.

One of her favorite tricks is to stand in some doorway, or hide by the side of a road and listen to what other people say. So she knows the political climate and the ways people think. She hears robberies planned and love promised, plots and intrigues and requests of things to buy at the fair, and she never tells. She knows her family is considered strange, but she doesn't care. Or rather, she's rather angry about it, but hides it well. But you wouldn't want to see her angry.

She doesn't know what she wants to be or what life will bring. So far, she has been rather a passive player, waiting for the time when she will know how to act, and be able to. She is small, and nervous that her smallness and weakness mean she'll never be able to do anything worthwhile.

Lore's Private Page
Writing Sample

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