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Name: Lome Lor Kelethor Carver (Loh-meh Lohr Keh-leh-thohr Cahr-vehr)
Race: Half-elf
Age: 36
Appearance: Slight build, average human height (5' 7"), large green eyes, dark brown hair almost always worn tied back in a simple braid. Simple, loose fitting, practical clothing; generally brown or green.
Personality: Tranquil… or fierce, depending on the situation.
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Lome is most strongly motivated by love and a desire for peace, but she also sees the world as a savage and violent place, and knows that she herself is savage and violent. She has a tendency to be too self-sacrificing, to give up her dreams and her energy and her life to those she loves to the extent of doing herself harm. Left to her own devices, she wanders alone through woods and fields, sometimes for hours. Sometimes when family members have been sent to look for her, they have found her climbing trees, often looking a little embarrassed, as though she had just stopped whatever it was she had been doing when the observer walked up. Ever since she was a child, she has seemed to live in her own world, while at the same time giving the impression of being a very down-to-earth, practical girl. Most people think of her as being very tranquil and calm, but she has been known to beat up bullies on occasion when they threatened her younger brother and sister. She's tended to let her children deal with their own bullies, but is fiercely protective if they are ever in any real danger. If she could change one thing about herself, she would be stronger and better able to protect those she loves.

Lome interacts with others mostly nonverbally, and prefers listening to speaking. She is, because of this, fairly perceptive and often seems to understand and sympathize with people that others quickly dismiss. People sometimes think her a bit odd, but tend to like her. If they could change one thing about her, she would make a little more sense and be a little easier to categorize. She doesn’t really have friends outside of her family and inlaws. She greatly enjoys the company and creativity of Gertie and the quiet presence of Verbes, and spends most of her time either working or with her family. She loved and married a half-orc named Margim Zanfund Carver, who has not been heard of or seen for more than a decade – but that is a tragic story all its own. If she has enemies, she does not speak of them. She is mostly concerned with the world she has direct contact with. Matters of kings and armies and nations, being for the most part out of her control, interest her little. What she can change, she seeks to change for the better, what she cannot, she accepts as the state of the world.

A devoted worshipper of Lystra, she prefers not to worship through the temple or traditional religious ceremonies. She follows an intuitive moral code herself, but does not hold others to it.

Lome took over her husband’s butcher’s shop - Carver’s, located in the marketplace, "D" – when he disappeared. Customers often find the image of the slight, gently smiling half-elf with a bloody cleaver in one hand and a neatly wrapped parcel of fresh steaks in the other rather incongruous, and a little comical. The business has not suffered too much for only being open in the afternoons, and she doesn’t mind her work, although her main joy in life comes from her family. Much of her time away from Carver’s is spent keeping up the house (located in "E") and taking care of her children and father.

Lome has always dreamed of adventure, and loves to sing to herself ballads of valiant heroes of old. She is especially fond of the tale of the Party of Reki, and of the one-armed elf. She enjoys living a relatively peaceful life, and is quite content with her place in the world, but would also be ready to spring out of it at a moment’s notice if fate were to take a hand.

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