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How does Lome feel about Analia's disappearance with Cor?

She was not terribly surprised, as it seemed like the sort of rash thing her sister would do. She was quite disappointed, though, and angry with Analia's seeming misconduct. It has also entered her mind, though, that things may not be as they seem… but she mostly dismisses this as herself just not being able to come to grips with her sister's hurtful behavior towards Verbes. The situation frustrates her, because her loyalty must be split between two people she is very fond of.

If she found out that Margim was involved in a band of assassins trying to kill the Undermagos of Doerstadt for semi-valid political reasons, how would she react?

She would be shocked, and want to know more about their semi-valid political reasons. In general she would not be in favor of assasinations. She would probably be more relieved that Margim was alive and well than angry at him for getting mixed up in such a thing… but only slightly.

What would Lome do with 1 million gold pieces if they landed in her lap (literally) one day?

She would board up Carver's until further notice and go looking for Analia with anyone who was willing to join her. Her children are getting old enough that they should see a bit of the world, and she wouldn't mind if Carver's never really could be re-established. She might worry a bit about what to do with Gantt if he didn't want to come along. With a million gold pieces they could probably travel comfortably, though she wouldn't want to spend it fast. One way or another she would work out the details and try to find her sister. Being gone this long, Lome is sure she either needs help or quite a scolding.

How does her worship of Lystra manifest itself, if not through traditional ceremonies?

In her solitary walks and dances, and in her stoic attitude towards life - accepting what she cannot change and seeking only to make right choices where she has choices to make.

If Lome were presented with a choice of saving her husband's life or her children's lives, which would she choose?


Has Lome ever fallen in love with Verbes, or contemplated marrying him? If so, has that been resolved?

It never occurred to her. She loves Verbes as a brother, but in her mind Analia is merely temporarily absent. She also doesn't know whether Margim is alive or dead. So far as she could tell, on the last night she saw him he seemed to trade himself for her life in some way - or tried to… at least that is her best guess as she turned the event over in her mind. She simply hasn't thought of herself as available. If Verbes has had any feelings for her beyond friendship she has been unaware of them up to this point.

A bit of background Lome doesn't share with the general public:

Left to her own devices, she wanders alone through woods and fields, and if no one is there to see, she will climb trees or begin to dance. Her dances are not what one might think of as dances, but they are graceful movements, performed on the ground or in the branches, always testing the limits of her balance and flexibility. They reflect her inner desire to embody and hold in balance as much of the world as she can, and are acts of worship to the goddess Lystra who holds the natural world in balance, in all its contradiction. To the trained eye, they might also look suspiciously like martial exercises. Roland caught her dancing once, when they were young, but to her knowledge he is the only one. She would dance for Margim sometimes, and he thought the dances looked very martial indeed, and said so. Sometimes they would play-fight and spar, setting Margim's strength and size against Lome's reflexes and odd movement patterns.

What happened the night Margim disappeared:

For several days Margim had been ansy and troubled. Lome had not failed to notice, and was worried. He was a gruff, but guileless man, and she did not like to think what might cause him to keep something from her. At dusk they went on their usual evening walk, and as they neared the house, he told her to go on in without him, that he had something he had to do before going home. Lome tried to convince him to tell her where he was going, but he stubbornly refused. He became insistent, even angry. Unexpectedly, he reached down and embraced her, and then stormed off, leaving Lome fighting back tears. As he rounded a bend in the road, she decided to follow after him. She kept far enough away to not be seen, but was sure not to lose him. He went by a fairly direct route to one of the worse parts of town, and stopped on a bridge to the north of the slums ("A"). After he had waited a while, several large, ominous looking men came to him from different directions. They stood in a circle around him, like some tribunal pronouncing judgement. Lome tried to get closer, but was afraid of being seen. She could not quite make out what they were talking about, but her sharp half-elf's eyes could tell that the men were like Margim, more muscular and crude-looking than most. They seemed to be arguing, though even when their voices were raised, Lome could not understand their words. Then Margim turned, as if to leave, and two of the men behind him struck him on the back of the head and neck. He let out a sharp cry of surprise and pain, and without thinking Lome lept from her hiding place at the base of the bridge and ran to the tiny knot of struggling bodies. She uttered a piercing, high pitched cry, and was able to crunch several noses and jaws in the ensuing confusion. She flailed, striking this way and that, but it was ultimately hopeless. Blows landed on her head and side, and soon she found herself dangling over the side of the bridge, barely conscious. She was vaguely aware that Margim had cried out, and was speaking with the others, though she still could not tell what was being said. Through fluttering eyelids she saw him reach out his hands and let them be tied, and he walked away with most of the men, glancing behind him one last time before disappearing into the dark streets. She felt herself being lowered slightly, and then coughed as rank breath assailed her nostrils.

"He values you more than you deserve, half-breed!" Growled a deep voice. "I'm afraid we cannot let you go, though. You are a feisty one… Yes, I see the hate in your high-and-mighty eyes! This puppy must be drowned."

In an instant Lome felt herself falling, out of consciousness and down from the bridge into the darkness below. She hit the cold wall of the water uncaring, and sank into darkness.

She slowly opened her eyes, and in pain closed them again. The bright light of the moon was glaring down on her, and the water lapped against her sides and legs. She lay still for a long time, basking in the moonlight, before opening her eyes again. Above her head she could see the night sky, and behind her, the branches of a tall willow. What eddies and backcurrents of the wandering river had brought her to rest on the banks of the temple of Lystra, one cannot say, but seeing where she was, she uttered a silent prayer of thanks to the goddess, and lay in the moonlight until the silver orb passed behind the willowtrees. In the starlight she washed the worst of the caked blood from her limbs, and then lifted herself heavily to begin the long walk home.

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