Tykkylainen's Journal

[This journal is one of the most important sources we have for understanding draconic race, thought, and culture. Why we have it, and where it came from, no one knows; many historians have speculated and argued about it for some time. Many say that Lady Cirdin translated it and brought it back on one of her alluded-to visits; others say that it was bequeathed to Nuk'lak. Others still have made solid arguments that Tykkylainen himself has visited Thrynn on more than one occasion, and donated it to the Library on one such visit. I am not sure we shall ever know for certain, though. Why Tykkylainen himself has shown so much interest in Thrynn when it appears that the other dragons have nearly unanimously abandoned it is another subject of much debate. The journal has been scoured for hints as to where the dragons have gone, but they seem to have been very intentionally left out or erased. Perhaps someday, though…

~Eldevik, Chief Librarian at Silasuir]

[Editor's note: This journal has been widely copied and distributed throughout Thrynn as a historical source; the original text can be found in the special collections of the Great Library at Silasuir. It is only available to those with special permission. The above annotation was written by the previous Chief Librarian and is attached to the outside of the journal. The journal itself is very long, and cannot be reprinted here in its entirety; the following exerpt details the War with Alyssa in 602 S.A.]

Reports have reached my ears about a new political group in Arys calling themselves the Keepers of the Secret Fire. Something about demanding equality for all men and races, it seems to be exceedingly popular with the younger men and women in Arys, especially the educated. Their leader is a man going by the name of "Z," who no one seems to have met.

Something seems amiss…. it seems that I've heard that name before. I must consult with my brethern guarding Thrynn to learn more about this, and do research on my own, as well. I wonder what the Secret Fire is, and why it must be Kept?

I knew it! The Keepers were a group founded near the beginning of the Second Age promoting female supremacy and racial purging in Thrynn! They were led by (of all things) a woman known to her followers as "Z," and the Keepers spread much fear and dissension throughout Thrynn. It appears that all of this was an elaborate plot to take control of Thrynn, but they were wiped out 20 years later. How is it that they have returned now? And what of this strange discrepancy about the gender of "Z"?

Something is very wrong here, but I don't know what it is. The Keepers of the Secret Fire have appeared again, in yet another guise. Reports from the elves indicate that one of the Undermagosi, a Lady Gwen in the Sayyidan city of Fayr, has been brutally killed. The Keepers, dressed all in black, somehow managed to infiltrate a ball that was being held in Gwen's house, killing her, and causing significant bloodshed. The only reason things were not worse is due to the aid of a small group of rather eclectic individuals who stood up to the Keepers. Thanks to them, we have a concrete lead on the Keepers — apparently, one of this group, a man named Aiden, was even a member of the Keepers for a short period of time!

I can't help but think that something deeper is going on here… the Secret Fire is appearing in too many locations at once. How they managed to grow so large without someone — especially the elves! — noticing is beyond me. Perhaps the taint of man is even greater on Thrynn than we had initially thought. This bears consideration.

Long have I been away from my home; it is good to be back, though there is much on my mind that worries me. Events are proceeding too fast for my liking on Thrynn, and remarkably, most people there are unaware that they are connected! The Keepers are growing more ambitious by the day. The Magos of Maena was killed a few weeks ago; there was an elaborate ceremony to raise her back to life (the fool Corin was there), but for some reason her spirit refused. I am encouraged, though — the group of people who opposed the Keepers at Gwen's ball have apparently taken it upon themselves to right the wrongs that have been commited thus far; the man I mentioned before, Aiden, has been killed, but the party ventures onwards in spite of the danger. As much as I do not understand men, I hold some respect for them. Unlike many of my brethren.

I spoke with the elders of the Zu'len monastery today, some old friends of mine. They have agreed to send out an agent to find out more about this mystery, a man named Reki. He will, indirectly, be my eyes and ears on Thrynn. For some reason, the elves are refusing to intervene further; I wonder if they know something I do not.

And mystery upon mystery is presenting itself! On my journey back home, I ran into none other than one of the foul rakshasa! I have not seen one of them for many thousands of years… They could not have chosen a worse time to return and continue their assault on Thrynn! I must warn the elves of this, before they are taken by surprise.

Apparently, the Keepers have accomplished all of their goals; all of their followers were brutally killed yesterday, apparently by members of their own order. I only wish I knew what those goals were… The man named "Z" is apparently also dead, slain by those who opposed him from the beginning. It is no surprise to me that Reki has encountered this group of adventurers and has been journeying with them, but this gives me a small sense of peace.

Damnation and woe be upon us all! The man called "Z," also known as Zeuraveste, was the lover of Alyssa! What her overarching plan is is unclear presently; however, one thing I do know for certain — Alyssa was using the Keepers in an attempt to regain control of Thrynn. That Zeuraveste is dead will only have enraged her; the Keepers have already accomplished whatever damnable goal they were tasked with. Why else would they all have been killed a few days ago, by the members of their own order? Curses and blasphemy! I must warn my brethren to watch for her return.

When we agreed to send four of our dragons to protect Thrynn, it was because we thought the event of Alyssa's return unlikely…

The tale of Alyssa, formerly Alexander, is a tragic one. Forty-eight years ago, Queen Phyllis, Magos of Arys, and her husband had their first child, a son, Alexander. They loved him as best they could, though in their position, such love is hard to give. And they always felt a bit of sorrow in their hearts, because though he was firstborn, he could never have the position of power that some would argue was due him, since he was male. No, that honour would go to his sister, Beth, born two years later. Phyllis and her husband adored little Beth, but made their best efforts to continue to love Alexander. However, things do not go unnoticed by the young, and despite everything, Alexander grew jealous, cold, and bitter towards his parents and his sister. He became cruel, often torturing small animals when he could catch them, or tormenting his sister.

When he was ten years old, his parents had one more son, a small, weak boy named Meryl. Alexander shifted his wrath onto this poor child, mocking, tormenting, and beating the boy whenever he could get away with it, and many times when he couldn't.

One thing that distracted Alexander from his cruelty was the art of building. He worked wonders with his hands, even from a very young age. He built tiny machines, and malicious traps with which he caught animals, and sometimes his siblings (always on accident, of course). His parents, at a loss, encouraged his creativity, hoping that one day he would turn from his cruelty, while at the same time trying to discipline him as best they could.

It didn't work.

Life continued for a few years, until one day Alexander found a small, light-fitting golden belt. Intrigued, he put it on, and he… changed. His physical features assumed the form of a female. Also interestingly, he found that he couldn't remove the belt… Interesting. At first, he was scared and appalled. He ran back to his parents to see if they could remove the belt. They tried numerous different spells and remedies, to no avail. During the next several months, hiding in shame, Alexander began to discover something — he liked being female. Furthermore, he thought that being female and first-born, he could now be in line for the Magos seat. One night, he tenatively proposed the idea to his parents. They were outraged that he could even think such a thing. That night, they sent for Corin, a powerful wizard in the land, to see if he could do anything to remove the belt.

Also that night, Alexander ran away. He swore vengeance on his parents, and swore to never return to male form. He assumed the name Alyssa, and began fighting his parents. He built a small army of mechanical fighters, and assaulted Gan, capitol of Arys. His parents fought him back. A few years later after much study, he returned; his parents fought her back again, but only barely. They knew that she would soon become too powerful for them, so they called a Council of the Magos, where they decided to banish Alyssa from Thrynn, and at the council of the elves, sought our help in protecting Thrynn. We agreed to send aid, thinking that the danger was slim, and perhaps (hopefully) that man had begun to find a new path.

When Alyssa was 25, Phyllis died, and a new Magos for Arys was selected. It was not Beth. It was soon discovered that she had a penchant for sleeping around, and after two children were born from different fathers, she was removed from consideration. The current Magos, Lyna, was selected from another royal family, and Phyllis's family soon fell from memory. Alyssa was forgotten by many — but apparently, she did not forget.

The time is soon, now. Alyssa is coming back.

There was a council of dragons today. A large number of my brethren are in favor of calling Thrynn's guardians back; I can understand why they wish to do so, but we have given our word. We must not break it.

Though his companions disbanded for other cares, Reki is continuing to hunt the remnants of the Keepers. I spoke with his elders earlier; they said that Reki has come into possession of the Orb of Dark Flame. I wonder if this orb was the Secret Fire from which the Keepers got their name — I do not know. Reki has set off on a journey for Silasuir, to learn more about the Orb, the Keepers, and Alyssa. I wonder how long it will take him to learn about and seek out the dragons, hidden though they are?

The rakshasa have appeared in great strength throughout Thrynn, and are beset against their old enemies the elves, once again. Through their shape-changing abilities, they have remained largely unnoticed by the greater population, but the ancient war has begun again. I cannot help but think this is Alyssa's doing.

Bhan and Maena have declared war on each other, each accusing the other of assassination attempts, dark plots with Mor'thos, and loads of other tripe. The agents of the Keepers are still active, it appears, spreading rumors and damnable lies among the gullible.

It appears that Reki has found new travelling companions, who among the elves are known as Reki's company. They have been through many trials already, and are currently on a quest to locate Meryl, Alyssa's youngest brother. This is good — he may prove to be a valuable asset in the war to come. Though hounded on many sides by rakshasa and Alyssa's infernal creations, the Company is proving their mettle in this conflict. Mankind needs more like them.

[Editor's note: The "infernal creations" referred to here were various and sundry mechanical creations, powered by some form of magic or another. Some speculate that Alyssa was leaching energy from the Plane of Law to power these beings.]

We are lost! This is a day of woe and many dark tidings! I weep for my brethren, dragons of the ancient world! I weep for the fate of all, now! Would that we could have seen what misery has wrought! Oh, brothers, what abominations have been brought forth in your strong, fragile bodies? What evil has claimed your souls?

O, Bronze Ovimbundu, I weep for you!
O, Copper Zilabamuzale, I weep for you!
O, Silver Nkrumah, I weep for you!
O, Golden Axoquentzin, I weep for you!
O, Meryl, brother of Alexander, I weep for you!

[Editor's note: It would appear here that Tykkylainen is referring to four great dragons who, at the behest of the Magosi, agreed to come to Thrynn and protect it against Alyssa's return. However, as part of her assault on the continent, her minions slew the four great dragons and turned them into cruel mockeries of their great former self, through the evil power of necromancy.]

The elves finally realize what danger faces them. The Myrvarth and Reki's Company shall meet at last, though it is late in coming. The Company of Reki has grown strong, though one closest to my heart has sought other fortunes. Perhaps his role in this is not yet finished, though.

Alyssa's army has been greatly weakened by the blows struck by Reki's Company. A factory and small shipping town on Nhylerynn to the south have been destroyed, crippling a large portion of her army. A mine of athalas below Mt. Oronath has been opened, and the dwarven captives inside freed. This may be enough to turn the tides in Thrynn's favor. We shall see. War is upon them now — woe upon us all, should Thrynn fall.

This is why we left.

One day, the world of men and dwarves, gnomes and kobolds will come to an end. Will it be because the great demons of Mor'thos assailed Thrynn, reaping destruction and devastation upon all? No. The world will end because of the carelessness with which men treat their own. And the carelessness with which men treat others.

Even the elves, once pure and good, have become less than what they were. The greed and avarice of mortals has tainted them — slowly, ever so slowly (like everything else about the elves), but tainted them nonetheless.

This is why we left. We shall not interfere in the fate of Thrynn again. Four of our brethren were lost to this taint. They shall be mourned greatly, and we shall not interfere in the fate of Thrynn again.

However, there is still good. There is still hope. There are great rulers, great fighters, great people like the man named Tor — who gave his life for the safety of Thrynn. He shall be remembered forever in the annals of our history. Likewise, Reki has attained his place in our memories, and in so doing, in the memories of all.

The rakshasa were defeated, and Alyssa's forces were driven back. The woman Beth was tried and killed for crimes against men and dragons. Allard Brightman, King of Dwarves, forged a new alliance with men and with elves, an alliance that shall last for many years. Tonkabs bar Tonkabs, known to all as Arbiter, returned to his people, granting them a peaceful, treachery-free period in history. To this day, it is said that those who approach his grave with treachery on their hearts or on their minds are struck down by a mysterious blue sword that flies from the heavens. Who knows if the rumors are true?

The Lady Cirdin was elected to the council of the Myrvarth many years hence, where she ruled justly with the other elves. Always, though, the dreams in her heart were of far lands, and of the sea, and she spent many hundreds of years as the gnome Kyrden seeking out the far lands — ours included.

And perhaps the one closest to my heart, for he is the one closest to me. He has started a great good among the dragon-kin. It will take many ages for it to come to fruition, for the dragon-kin are hard-hearted, among other things. He still has work to do. But perhaps someday soon I shall attempt a journey of my own, a journey to take him out of Thrynn, to here. If that is his wish.

And the second age marches onward.

[Editor's note: The events described herein occured over the course of two years' time. So ends Tykkylainen's commentary on the War with Alyssa.]

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