Name: Gertie L.T. Kelethor
Age: ?
Appearance: Short, slightly rounding but still in pretty good shape, and generally not too excitable. Early medieval just-recently-middle-class attire – not burlap, but not quite Laura Ingalls Wilder either. Sensible yet colorful. She likes clothes with lots of pockets, and patches clothes with fabric that doesn’t match the original but somehow ends up just right. She wears glasses when working on small things and reading.
Personality: Sensible yet colorful. She’s quiet but she sometimes even surprises Gantt with some offhand sarcasm fired back in his direction. She is a part of the family because she wants to be.

The first the family knew of Gertie was that Roland became even more eager to go for hikes around the outskirts of the city. Roland’s sisters spent a good amount of time out there, already, whether dancing or luring half-orcs into secluded clearings. But Roland would usually just bring his walking-stick and a hat, and maybe his copy of “Trees of Bhan.” If one had been very observant, one might have noticed him leaving the latter at home much more often after his nineteenth summer or so.

Gertie has kept to herself for the most part, never saying too much about her past to the extended family. To them, she did not exist before the one day when Roland brought her to meet them and announced the engagement. Since the wedding, about ten years ago, Gertie has been a quiet but present family-member, liking the company of Lome and the kids, and making sure holiday-times go as smoothly as possible. She’s far from being a homebody – she and Roland do keep a nice house but it’s a rustic and simple sort of life, and they spend a decent amount of time out of the house, whether at the theatre, stumbling around the library, or taking more of those hikes.

Roland’s extended family has never met any of Gertie’s. Lome has probably had the most contact with Gertie, and they are friends, but they both tend to be accepting of the other without asking too many questions.

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