Welcome to the [Relatively] Wide World of Gantt

In a Nutshell

Name: Gantt Kelethor
Race: [Ostensibly] Human
Age: As old as anybody around can remember. Maybe even older.
Alignment: Expressionist Deconstructive
Appearance: Gantt is short and stout, with craggy features and broad shoulders, even in his old age. His hair is long and light- though nobody really knows why, including Gantt himself- and his eyes are a dark green. His most striking features are his eyebrows, which protrude considerably from his face and seem unusually well-articulated.
Personality: Gantt generally loves his family and generally hates society. He frequently insists on playing the devil's advocate when a family member does something normal, whether it's Lome taking her husband's name or Roland having his house ABOVE his shop, rather than the other way around. He feels like they generally ignore these questions, but continues anyway; it's part of the charm of having a family late in life, for him.
Background: Gantt was raised in a decidedly upper-class neighborhood in New Perth, some great number of years ago. His family was obssessively concerned with the goings-on of high society: whether balls, or tournaments, or musical concerts, Gantt had the privelege of enjoying it all- even the parts that he didn't enjoy. He first thought of himself as "world-weary" at the ripe old age of twelve, and after harboring resentment for a few more years, he said goodbye to his family and took a long walk. At least, that's the way he used to tell it to Roland, as a bedtime story.


Gantt's ¿NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS? Page : Shoo. Shoo. Go away.

Character Development Status

There are a good number of things that I want to know about your character, as well as lots of extra optional stuff that you can include if you want to. As on the family page, whatever format or medium you choose to present this information in is completely ok with me.

  1. First, I need to know name, age, and race.
  2. Secondly, I need to know your character's alignment. You can play any alignment you want; here's the catch: your alignment cannot be any one of "Lawful good," "Lawful neutral," "Lawful evil," "Neutral good," "True neutral," "Neutral evil," "Chaotic good," "Chaotic neutral," or "Chaotic evil." In other words, I want you to make up an alignment that is not one of the traditional 9 DnD alignments. You can use the words "lawful," "chaotic," "good," "evil," and "neutral" in your alignment, just not in combination. Nor are you required to use those words in your alignment.
  3. Next, I want a nice, detailed story of who your character is and what he/she has done with his/her life up to this point in time. I don't need a novel here, but the more detail you put into this, the better. Keep in mind that this is the public portion of your character. Anyone in the world could find this information out about you after a fairly in-depth conversation with you. If there's stuff you want to keep private from the rest of the world, that information should go on your private page. The following list of questions are a sample of the kinds of information I'm looking for. You don't have to answer all of them, and you can answer questions that aren't listed, as well.
  4. Finally, I want a sample of your (tentative) in-character writing style. I don't care what this writing style is, but once you pick one and we start playing, you should stick with it. I.e., either first- or third-person is fine, but once you pick one, you should stick with it. Figure out how you speak, how you describe what your character is thinking, mannerisms that your character has, etc, and figure out how you're going to express those to other people. Once you have a rough idea of this, describe an event from your character's past in-character. It can be any event that you want, and you can have whatever happen in the event that you want, and it can be as long as you want (though at least a paragraph or two would be nice). You can place this information either on your public page (if it's an event that other people will have witnessed/know about) or on your private page.

Questions to answer:

  • Intrapersonal: What makes your character tick? What really gets him excited? What does he hate? What flaws does he have? If he's all by himself with nothing that has to be done, what does he do? Is he introverted or extroverted? If he could change one thing about himself, what would it be?
  • Interpersonal: How does he interact with other people? Is he perceptive? Compassionate? Do others like spending time with him? If he could change one thing about the people that he interacts with on a daily basis, what would it be? If they could change one thing about him, what would it be? Who are his friends? Why are they his friends? Does he love anyone? For how long, and how does he express that love? Does he have any enemies? Who are they? What do they want to do to him, and why?
  • Political: How does he feel about the larger world around him? Does he want to change it and make it a better place, or is he largely apathetic? Is he involved in politics? How does he feel about those in authority? Has he ever been in trouble with the law?
  • Religious: Does he worship any of the gods? Why or why not? How does he feel about those who do?
  • Occupational: Does he have a job? What is it? Why did he choose that occupation? How long has he had the job? Is he a workaholic, or does he just work to pay the bills? Does he enjoy what he does?
  • Dreams and Goals: What does he want to do with his life? Is he content where he is right now? Is he working towards any long-term goals? Who were his childhood heroes?
  • Morality: What are his morals? Would he give up his life/time/energy for those he cares about? How does he feel about the poor? Prostitutes? Thieves? Murderers? The death penalty?

Once you have a solid concept written up, send me email. Then I'll probably have more questions for you. We'll go back and forth on that a bunch of times, and then we'll start working on the mechanics behind it.

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