Questions, House Rules, and In-Game Issues

In-Game Issues:

  • Make sure you know about Plot Points!
  • We'll be using OpenRPG for our chat sessions, so make sure to pick that up. If you have any problems setting it up, drop me a line
  • Speaking of chat sessions, please fill in the schedule for times that you'd like to have it (or more importantly, times that you can't have it).

Houserules: These are rules that I will play by for ambiguous situations that have come up in the past. I'll be updating this list as I adjudicate more things in the future.

  • You don't get AoO against quickened spells, but you can still ready an action to disrupt them.
  • You can only sunder magic items up to your weapon's actual enhancement bonus, not your effective enhancement
  • Add'l points to Int retroactively give you more skill points; however intelligence bonuses from items do not.
  • Can spend time to relearn spells during the day


2. Are we still responsible for coming up with what happened to Gantt, or is it no longer in our hands?

1. Among the playable races of Thrynn, what, if any, are the intermarriage restrictions? Can, for instance, a Half-Giant Half-Kobold marry a 3/4-Elf 1/4-Dwarf and still have kids? Just how far does the scientific definition of species stretch in your world?

I don't really care how you deal with this, honestly. I think the best way to handle this kind of issue is to think of "Race" as a mechanical concept rather than an "in-game" concept. Now, granted, elves and humans are recognized as different races in Thrynn, but when it comes down to distinguishing how they're different in more than just a "elves have pointy ears" manner, you have to look at the mechanical definition of an Elf. Thus, the "Half-" races are really just a mechanical way of saying that when you mix an elf and a human, it's possible to get something out that is mechanically different. For races that don't have a "Half-" appended to them (i.e., there is no Half-Dwarf), it simply means that mechanically, a dwarf/human mix isn't significantly different from either a dwarf or a human. Basically, I want to give you as much freedom as you want to play whatever race you want, without having to worry about making it "make sense." Let me give you several examples to clarify what I mean:

  • Julie's parents are both human; however, when she was born, people noticed that she was able to do a few things that humans couldn't do, and she always seemed to become revitalized when she spent time out under the stars. It turns out that one of Julie's ancestors was an elf, and for whatever reasons genetically, she happened to inherit some of those characteristics. Mechanically, Julie is a Half-Elf, even though only a small amount of elf blood is actually running in her veins.
  • Driew's mother was a gnome, and his father was a dwarf. While Driew is a little bit chubbier and more jovial than a dwarf might typically be, he still is very uncomfortable while he is outside, and is very good at recognizing various stonemasonry and so forth. Mechanically, Driew is a dwarf, even though he has both dwarven and gnomish blood running in his veins.
  • Driew's sister, Kaerf, gets completely turned around in tight, twisty passages, and couldn't tell a diamond from her little fingernail. However, she is very good at mixing random chemicals together, and thus her and her mother have taken it upon themselves to cook amazing dinners with particularly tasty drinks for their company. Mechanically, Kaerf is a Gnome, even though she's the sister of a mechanical Dwarf, and her parents are dwarven and gnomish.
  • William T. Frist has a very interesting group of grandparents. His paternal grandfather was human, but his paternal grandmother was an elf. His maternal grandfather was an orc, and his paternal grandmother was a kobold. How they all managed to fall in love, no one really knows. His father seemed to have gotten some of the elven racial traits, and his mother was very large, much like the orcs. However, due to some strange passage of genes, William himself is the blandest human you'd ever meet; you wouldn't remember his face after having seen it five minutes ago. Mechanically, W. T. Frist is Human, even with a very strange collection of ancestors. His brother, Oleander M. Gorsh, on the other hand, is short, with pointy ears and a tail…. (that made for some very interesting sibling rivalry). Mechanically, O. M. Gorsh is a Kobold. (Their parents, in case you were wondering, were mechanically Half-Elf and Half-Orc).
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