Plot Notes

What Happened Before…


6 Unhyrr, 829 S.A.
I only ever wanted two things with my life. I wanted to please my family, to make them proud that I'm their daughter, their sister, and their… wife. Oh, Verbes, why? I tried so hard to please you and make you happy. But what I wanted would never have made you happy. I wanted to live, to feel, to taste; I wanted to jump into raging rivers and not know if I would come out of the other side alive. But you wanted to protect me, to keep the waters from ever touching my dainty feet. You wanted to work in your shop, to go for walks in the meadows, to… to have children.

We almost had a son, Verbes. I never told you. I would have named him after you, except that you hated your name, beautiful though it is. You would have hated the constant reminder. You would have named him something different. But I know you wanted him. I didn't kill him, Verbes. At least, not physically. I think somehow he knew, knew that his mother didn't want him. His mother wanted to run, to laugh, to jump, and his mother couldn't do that when she had a son. So he just… left; perhaps he went to another family, one who could love him as he deserved to be loved. That's what I tell myself when I'm alone, Verbes.

Then Cor happened. I hope you can understand how hard a choice that was for me, Verbes. And yet, my choice had been made for me many years ago, before I ever met you. I hope you can understand that this is not your fault.

Cor gave me things that you never could have, cad though he was. He was adventurous, he was strong, he was fun! And I loved him for it, even as I loved you for being strong, and protective, and steadfast. And hated myself for it. But, my choice was made for me, and I left. It even lasted for a while, the illusion, the facade that I pulled over my eyes. We went to Ashkelath, even as I lied and told you we were going to New Perth. I don't know why I said New Perth; I knew Cor's wife was there. (Yes, I knew full well what I was doing as I did it. Don't try to protect me by pretending that I didn't.) I think some small part of me hoped that you would find her… and through her find me. But you never came. Do you hate me now, Verbes? Do you refer to me as "that whore" when you are forced to think about me? Or is that just the private, inner name that I have for myself?

I left Cor, too. He was heartbroken, but I couldn't do it anymore. I couldn't play the stupid, senseless game anymore. I thought of Lome and her children, wanted desperately to come back to you, to beg you for forgiveness, to love you and have our son that we should have had three years ago. But I couldn't. I am too ashamed of what I've done. And I'm too proud to beg.

4 Dresd, 829 S.A.
I called myself The Witch. I knew no other name, and none dared question me. I took the black veil, as in mourning, though it was my own death I mourned. I stayed in the same place for a month; no longer. I took what hospitality was offered me, and offered what services I could provide in return. I made my way south, through Maena and into Sayyida, well away from anyplace I knew you would be. Or anyplace Roland would be. Or Gantt… Oh god, what have they done to me? Why am I like this?

I met someone last week. No, Verbes, not someone like you or like Cor. That phase of my life is over. He was of gnomish descent, and he was old, very very old. He reminded me in many ways of Gantt. Just as ornery, just as cantankerous, with the same bone-dry humor. He looked deep into my eyes, as though he could see exactly what I was thinking — just like Gantt could. "Lass," he said, "let me tell you a story." And, having nothing else to do, I agreed. I sat down and I listened, as he told me the story of Maldevn's Throne. The Throne that would grant everlasting youth to those who sat on it. The Throne of the first human Queen of Thrynn. The Throne that is buried somewhere in the Red Hills east of Doerstadt.

It's just a silly old legend, Verbes. Why does it haunt my dreams?

I know why. I want to find it. I want it to be real. If I can find the Throne, I can come back to you, Verbes. I can come back to my family, I can stop hating them for what I am, and stop hating myself for what I'm not. I can be the woman that you want— that you need me to be, and I can bear your children. And then when you grow old and die, and I am still young, I can be the woman that I need to be. And I can be happy again, Verbes. And all it would take is one short trip away from you a year, one trip back to the Throne, to sit on it and keep me young. Why shouldn't I want that?

The old gnome said one last thing to me before he left. "Careful, lass. The Throne is powerful. It has no desires of its own, only those that you bring to it. And it will feed on them and make them stronger. Beware, lest your own heart betray you!" But I have nothing to fear, because I feel nothing.

17 Molr, 829 S.A.
I must find it, Verbes! I must! Damn you…

22 Alba, 830 S.A.
At last, Verbes, I've found it. After more than a year of searching, I've found it. Now I can return to you. Now we can be happy. Except… I no longer want to. I lost something in this last year, something I didn't think I had anymore. But when I sat on that Throne, in the dark cavern beneath the earth, I felt it vanish, felt it as strongly as I felt the oppressing gloom catch hold of my beating heart and squeeze.

What do I do now, Verbes?

14 Unhyrr, 830 S.A.
I. Hate. You.

6 Oroh, 830 S.A.
This is all your fault! Nothing in my life is right! Nothing! And it's your fault! Your fault, and my damn family's! You wouldn't let me live! And now I'm stuck in this hell, with no way out! You'll pay for this, Verbes. You will pay dearly, as will Lome, and her children, and Roland, and Gantt (if the old bastard is still alive).

I found Oroh, Verbes. He loves me. He loves me like you and Cor never could. And he's going to help me, Verbes. And you will suffer, like I have suffered all these long years. The Throne has told me this.

20 Llaer, 831 S.A.
I killed my first relative today. Not quite the first person I've killed. But close. He was useful for a while, but he knew too much about my quest for the throne. So I charmed him, played him, until I knew what I needed to about the throne. And now… hah! That stupid little gnome. He never knew what to expect.

15 Flyrwn, 831 S.A.
They should be finding out about Kersey's death any day now. And I suspect there will be enough there for them to seek out the throne, perhaps Kersey even mentioned Cor or I before he died. It matters little. Now to begin to torment Verbes, that wretched one. I think… yes, it is clear that the first move is to make him feel good. He rescued me from Cor, the evil villain behind all of this. HAH! And then, after I make him feel like everything is all right, and that I'm being saved, to charm him, and release Cor from his charm. So Cor comes, and the rest of the family might believe him, while Verbes doesn't. And then, once their family is as torn as possible, it's Oroh's time to shine. And however it works out, the two of us will reveal in one final dash that we truly do love each other, that we are more powerful than them… and we'll let them figure out that we're going to conquer Thrynn together later. I think Verbes will be miserable enough as it is, don't you, Oroh?

Oroh (Journal excerpts)

5 Oroh, 830 S.A.
Hey, little brother. You'll never guess who I found the other day, weeping by the side of the river and cursing at the sky. Can you guess?

Analia. Funny, isn't it? You make her unhappy, and who does she come running to? Me! I always knew I was the better one, of the two of us.

You want to know the difference between us, little brother? I pay my debts. And I fight for those I love. Like Analia. She's happier with me than she ever was with you. And I'm going to fight for her, little brother. I'm going to take my time, and learn your Blood Name, and then I'm coming for you. We're coming for you.

[DM's Note: Analia tracked Oroh down and seduced himOroh and Analia genuinely love each other, and they both are taking advantage of that fact. They make a good team, too…]

14 Flyrwn, 831 S.A.
Did I tell you that we have a son, little brother? We named him Ae'Ven. Just like you. Maybe someday you'll meet him; he can be a living reminder of everything you didn't do. We're almost ready, now, little brother. Are you ready for me? I don't think so. I don't think you'll ever be ready for this…

[DM's Note: This should make for some very interesting interactions between Analia, Oroh, Cor, Verbes, and Calpha. Talk about a love triangle! This is like a love dodecahedron!]

What Happens Now…

21 Flyrwn, 831 S.A.
The story opens as Gantt's cousin, an old (some would call him "Ancient" with a capital "A") gnome named Kersey has recently died, and the Kelethor family is attending his funeral. At the funeral, the members of the family are slipped pieces of paper that read "What is your Name?"; no one sees who gave them these pieces — however, we know that they've been given to the family by Cor, who is attempting to atone for the wrongs commited against them. After the funeral, the family (Gantt, specifically) is told that they are the last surviving relatives, and need to sort out Kersey's estate. There are two lines the party can persue at this point:

  1. Exploring Kersey's (rather small?) eventually leads to discovering some significant information about Maldevn's Throne. While they are in the house, they will be discovered by assassins working for Oroh who also want to get into the house, presumably to destroy any information about the Throne.
  2. A bit of careful examination of the notes reveals that there is something more written on them (perhaps magical?); the note actually says "What is your Blood Name?" A bit of investigation in the library will lead to more information about them.

As the Kelethor family proceeds through the puzzles and dangers placed before them, more of this story is revealed. Eventually, they find Analia, badly hurt, who tells them that Cor is trying to find Maldevn's Throne and use it for his own evil purposes, and has hooked up with Verbes' brother Oroh, the leader of the Blood Knights. This cult believes that everyone has a "Blood Name"; knowing someone's Blood Name gives one ultimate power over them - even the power of life and death. Apparently, Cor and Oroh are seeking the treasure and the Kelethor family's Blood Names, to become insanely rich and get them out of the way at the same time.

One mad chase through the sewers of Doerstadt later (think Tucker's Kobolds), the family almost catches Cor/Oroh, but they escape at the last minute, and Analia is killed.

After some more events, it is revealed that Analia is actually the one behind everything — she faked her own death and lied to the family about Cor. It turns out that she was actually using Cor as well, and he ends up teaming up with the family (if he's not dead). Analia and Oroh are the real evil people. As Lome would put it, "Being gone this long, Lome is sure she either needs help or quite a scolding."

What Happens After…

Major Characters

  • Analia
  • Oroh
  • Amravel/Cor
  • Calpha
  • Foozlebar Moosta

The Legend of Maldevn's Throne

Blood Names

This is a good start, but this needs to be fleshed out a lot more. To begin with, here are some questions that need answering:

  1. How will Cor play into this? (Probably he's completely oblivious to everything until` it's too late. However, we want him played up to be the bad guy until somewhere in the middle/end of the story. We want the family to hate him and love Analia, and then grab their hearts and squeeze when they find out that he's really a decent guy, even if he did yank Analia away from Verbes)
  2. Along with that, how did Cor justify stealing Analia if he's a decent guy to begin with? What about his other wife? (Need to think on this more.)
  3. What are Truenames, and how does one go about finding out what it is? (Possible answers: research at some library should potentially turn up initial clues; perhaps they are a remnant of draconic magic or tradition? Finding a person's Truename will probably involve some complicated ritual that involves drops of blood from the person, close possessions, molecules of air that have been in their body, etc.)
  4. We need to write up some stories/verse about Maldevn's Throne/Blood Names.
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