Adventure Two

Ideas for tomorrow:

The house: They notice no one in the house. Both the first and second stories are thoroughly empty - it is a decent size house, drawn on a piece of paper, with 4 rooms per floor, and then a bottom floor hidden by a trapdoor.

In the bottom floor is a ninja searching around for something. He has found the note, the only thing left in the house (hidden in the basement) and is now looking to leave. He has a mouth, and he may mention:

A) That his boss is just covering up traces of having discovered the throne.

B) If he is allowed to run away, that he has the one valuable thing in this house

He is a human level four ninja.

S 13 D 16 C 10 I 8 W 15 Ch 9.

Masterwork Wakizashi: Attack +6/Damage 1d6+1.

Ki power (turn invisible) 3x/day, sudden strike + 2d6, poison use (first hit is 1d4 STR first/sec, DC 15 fort save), great leap (can jump well). Good (+7-12 or so) tumble, jump, balance, climb, hide, move silently

Combat Reflexes, Deft Opportunist (+4 attack bonus on attacks of opportunity), Dodge

1x potion of invisibility, 1x cure light wounds. 4 daggers.

Black bracers of the swordsman: +1 to attack (competence) and AC (deflection?).

AC 16 (17 dodge), +1/+7/+3 saves F/R/W.

He has a level 2 rogue friend - use generic DMG. This rogue will be outside, he will whistle if he needs help (very high, shrill).

There's also the library or the university: At the library, trying to go in with the old note will trigger an alarm against illusion, which will cause a very annoyed librarian (wizened old female wizard) to come out and immediately start casting to dispell the illusion. If they let him accomplish this, then the note suddenly reveals the word "Blood". If they want to run or push him around, go from there. Her name is Zaleya.

University: They find, after searching through lots of uncaring people, an old gnome who specializes in illusion. He remembers talking to Kersey about creating a note to hide words - not to create it for Kersey, but becasue Kersey found one. That's the last time he saw Kersey, about 5 months ago if he remembers. His name is Ansaril.

Researching the location of the throne: It's in a part of the Red Hills that are no longer frequented by humans because of the frequent attacks by lunatic animals. However, adventurers explore frequently around there, convinced that there must be treasure hiding. Indeed, there is. But one can enter only by harming none of the animals there. This requires a combination of sneaking in, and calming any animals that you do find, and running from those that you can't. Once to the doorway of the hidden temple of Lystra, the animals are no longer violent, and one can find the throne. Of course, if they try the same trick, they will first

1) Need directions from the nearby village of Thalax.

2) Have to navigate through the open, green hills without getting caught.

3) Have to deal with some none-too-kind people when they get there.

Kersey's Note

Kelethors, (or if you are not the Kelethors, then curse you forever for reading this note)

Thank-you for visiting my house. I trust that as you read this, I am dead. And past that… I probably failed to find the throne, or at least take the throne, if it has been found, from… from HIM. That dirty, slimy, wretched, bastard.

Bah. I'm sorry. I'm being such a serious gnome. My parents would be so ashamed of me. But… I've been so sad lately. The treasure hunting has gone nowhere, and now that I'm finally on to something, this stupid brute comes into the picture and messes it all up, so that now I'm liable to be killed any day and he'll use the throne for taking over the world. Bah. I'm too old for this anyway.

So, here you go, Kelethors. The last note to come from my depressed self. The last of my stuff will hopefully fall into your hands, Roland, so that you can actually do something about it. And… may the gods forgive me for telling HER about all this.


The man

The man is dressed all in black. He has a thin blade, curved to the side near the tip, drawn in one hand. You can make out two vials on his belt, as well as… at least four weapons hanging from it. Only his eyes and nose show via further fabric covering his face.

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