Adventure One

Forest edge:

As you enter the Red Forest, you notice the light around you dim slightly. This is an old forest, protected by the Druids (or, at least, so the stories say) from forest fires for thousands of years. The giant pine trees tower over you, while ferns, wildflowers, and bushes cover the ground. The cobblestone road continues on - one of the oldest roads in Bhan created by humans, leading straight northeast through the forest.

Lagim flies up to peek over the tops of the great trees, while the rest of you continue on a little more slowly - this is fairly unfamiliar ground, even if you are told that there is little danger in this forest.


As you search for a campsite, Nars spots one a little ways off the road. It is clearly a well-used campsite, with a firepit and plenty of space in the clearing from the closest trees - both protecting you from any large pine cones that may want to fall on you, and hopefully from any surprise attacks from the forest.


You notice three people crouching behind some large, thorny bushes. They are on the side of the path away from the river, positioned so they have cover from both the streamside path and the Red Road, and perhaps 100 ft. away from the edge of each.


Right next to the bandit's hiding place, you notice a large black box hurriedly stuffed under bushes. A pile of stuff - traveling gear, but not the bandit's for there is an extra pack and clothes - lies next to it, and realize with a shock there is blood spattered over all of it. The blood can be neither yours nor the bandit's, at least not from this battle.

Further inspection reveals the black box to be a coffin, but smaller than would be built for a human. It is plainly built, with none of the finishing Roland would insist be added to such a piece.


You see a large, bulky human in front of you. He must be well over 6 feet tall, and yet still looks too muscular for his size. On his back is strapped a huge sword, the biggest you have seen in your life. He acknowledges you with a straight face, indicating neither friend nor foe, and you notice the lines and graying hair indicating he is growing old, certainly older than any of you. Despite his size and his huge sword pointing to a fighting career, he appears to be wearing only plain clothes, and simply holds a walking stick in one hand, and a snack - a piece of fruit from his backpack on the ground, perhaps - in the other hand.

As you eye him, he introduces himself. "Hello, travelers. My name is Koromne"

Coffin opening:

As you open the coffin, your first notice that there is no body in it! In fact, it looks like there is only one thing in it - a small piece of paper, the size of a notecard and roughly torn from a larger sheet.

No, actually, you notice two other things. The first is a key, so at least Kersey told the truth about that. …There is also a finger in there, but it isn't the last remains of Kersey, or anything nearly so exciting. It's a poor forgery, some sort of piece of wood painted to resemble a finger.


The paper has writing on both sides of it. The first side is a list, scrawled quickly such that it is barely legible.

"Possible suspects:





The other side is in larger, nicer print.

"What is your


Koromne's speech:

Koromne pauses for a second, and then begins.
"All of you will probably want to have a seat, because this isn't exactly… quick.

"Kersey and I are both members of the Treasure Hunter's Guild, a loose, almost unknown group of people that hunt down treasure. But not just any treasure, mind you - we have our sights solely on the greatest treasures Thrynn holds, those that make their way into history books each time they are found, those that may spell the end of Thrynn if they fall into the wrong hands.

"The ritual before you today isn't a funeral in the truest sense for we almost never have the actual bodies here - we have in a few instances - but as most of our guild that pass away manage to do so in dangerous territories, bodies are in short supply. Instead, we have this procedure in place to ensure that a person's important belongings are transferred on to their relatives securely - that's planned out, illusory recording and all, when they join the guild - and more importantly, to transfer their most critical notes, one coffin's worth, on to the guild.

"So here you are, and here's what Kersey has left us with. Somehow the rest of the guild failed to get here, and having seen the note, I have little need for it. I have already heard Kersey speak those names, although I know nothing of them aside from that same list.

"Oh, and you're probably going to ask me what Kersey was searching for. It's no secret, at least among us. Maldevn's throne - that throne that grants eternal youth to any who are able to sit in it.

"I would suggest that if you would learn any more, you explore what has been given to you carefully, as well as Kersey's home on the eastern edge of Doerstadt - ahh, let me think, it must be 86.5 Middlebrittle Ave. in the Gnomish district.

"I hope I have been of some help today. I am nearly retired as a treasure hunter - there is little of interest to me to find these days, for rather than eternal youth I think I would be the first of the treasure hunter's guild to die a natural death, Ild'ess willing."


The four chests open easily now that you have the appropriate key. Each seems to contain something unique.

The first contains a set of potions in nicely padded boxes. The inside top of the chest is labelled simply "Adventuring supplies," but luckily each potion is labelled as well. There are six "Cure light wounds", two "haste", two "Cat's grace", two "Bull's Strength", two "Mage armor", two "Invisibility," and one "fly."

The second contains a huge set of books. Titles include "Treasures of the early Thrynn times," a full copy of "Tykkylainen's Journal," all three volumes of "An Inaccurate History of Thrynn," the first ten volumes of "Thrynn: A Formal Discussion of Economic and Socio-Political Backgrounds." But the last three look the most interesting: "Collected accounts of the artifacts of Thrynn: Separating history from legend." "Legends of the throne: Twenty conflicting accounts compiled." "The Treasurer Hunter's Guidebook." The latter is published simply by "The Guild" and is in its twenty-first edition.

The third contains more "Adventuring gear." It includes 10 masterwork daggers, and two sets of black robes, cloaks, and tight-fitting clothes - the last perfect for sneaking around in, although they are gnome (or halfling, you suppose) sized. Beneath this is a beautiful rapier. The hilt is made out of a soft wood, beautifully cut, with a pattern engraved that both provides a nice grip and looks extremely elegant. At the bottom of the hilt is inset a large, clear jewel. The cross-guard is made of the thinnest metal, but in playing with it you realize it won't bend at all. The blade is long, perfectly tapered, and extremely sharp. As you grab on to it, your hand feels slightly cold. Ice crystals begin to condense onto the cross-guard, providing a shining complement to the jewel, but you notice they don't form on the blade. You note that although the daggers are sized for small hands - they must have been backups - the rapier is human-sized, so it may have been just a keepsake as far as Kersey was concerned.

The fourth contains a large key, simply labelled "House." There is also money - you estimate, at first glance, 2,000 gp. Later inspection reveals 2,128 gold pieces.

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