Gods of Thrynn

Appendix A - The Gods of Thrynn:

Ild'ess: Queen of the Night, Empress of Magic. Alignment - Neutral. Ild'ess is the chief goddess worshipped by the people of Thrynn, particularly among the nobility (correction: many nobility profess to worship Ild'ess; however, most are too self-centered to actually worship anyone other than themselves). Ild'ess is considered to be the source of magic in Thrynn, and she is a cold, hard-hearted god. Her chosen weapon is the kukri.

Riltin: God of Money. Alignment - Neutral Good. Riltin is the god of markets and economy. He is generally the least-worshipped of the dieties, and is considered to be the least active in the lives of mortals. He is typically worshipped by tax collectors and their ilk. His chosen weapon is the dart.

Bhel: Lord of Justice and War. Alignment - Lawful Good. Bhel is also known as Bhel the Righteous, or Bhel the Vindictive. He is the primary god worshipped by Paladins, and clerics of Bhel must be lawful good as well. Other worshippers of Bhel include many judges and a few military leaders. Bhel is an unforgiving, warlike god who does very little for his followers and demands much. His chosen weapon is the warhammer.

Lystra: Goddess of Nature. Alignment - Chaotic Neutral. Lystra is a beautiful goddess who is worshipped by many of the common folk in Thrynn. She is the goddess from whom the elves descended, and as such is treated with even greater respect than the elves are. She is worshipped as much as, or more so, than Ild'ess. Her chosen weapon is the longbow.

Mor'thos (MOR' tos): Keeper of the Underworld, Supreme Lord of Evil. Alignment - Lawful Evil. Mor'thos is the lord of death, and ruler of the great underworld, where legend says the ancient demons of the world come from. Mor'thos is ruthless, vicious, and wholly evil, wanting only to bring as many people into his realm as possible. His chosen weapon is the longsword.

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