The Man of Many Names

Real name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Cor, Amravel, possibly also Sathi and Aksanel
Age: Unknown
Race: Not known for certain, but he claims to be a half-elf, and he looks the part.
Appearance: Cor is tall for a half-elf and skinny for a half-human. He has sharp features, longish floppy brown hair, a winning smile, and an earring on the left. He wears clothes that are somewhat flashy and slightly threadbare, and he carries himself like a man who has seen the world and liked what he saw.
Personality: Cor has the personality of a traveling entertainer mixed with the personality of an adventurer. He is enthusiastic, flamboyant, somewhat scatterbrained and irresponsible.

Cor's private page.

Cor is a bit of a mystery. He showed up in Doerstadt one day with two large coaches, a few quiet attendants, and chests and chests full of old books and marvelous devices. He claimed to be an inventor, and said that most of the devices were his own creation. They combined precision mechanics with magical components to perform remarkable feats, ranging from clockwork dolls that moved on their own to a marvelous powder that made fountains spew liquid fire. He seemed to be a street performer at first, but his devices were not just illusions, and he claimed to have been all over Thrynn, and had books and equipment that seemed to support this.

"The way I see it, I was put on Thrynn for two reasons: to discover the marvelous things that this world has to offer, and to do my part to improve them."

Before long, he had become quite well-known, and a young woman named Analia Verbes became his protege - first in practice, then formally. He began to teach her what he knew about invention, about magic and machinery and the nexus between the two, about old artifacts and magnificent discoveries and his vision for the future of Thrynn. The two became close, then abruptly left together. They left secretly, quietly, without the carts or attendants (though these followed later) and were never heard from since.

Note: Lore and Nars probably don't know this next part.

Verbes and Roland also learned that he had a human wife named Calpha in New Perth and had lived there for several years. She confirmed what they knew - he was visionary, unstable, ingenious, irresponsible, and irrepressible. But she trusted the man she knew as Amravel, and when he left for Doerstadt, he told her where he was going and that he would return. He did not, however, say why he was going there, or to what purpose, or for how long. She has not heard from him since, except what she learned from Verbes and Roland.

Before he left New Perth, he had been studying about Ashkelath. Why, or to what purpose, Calpha does not know.

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