That other family member

Name: Analia Kelethor Verbes
Born: 30 Flyrwn, 804 S. A.
Age: 27
Race: Half-Elf
Appearance: She looks rather like her father, yet somehow manages to be pretty despite that: long, light hair, dark green eyes, prominent and angular features. Very short, slender but not skinny, with a tendency to wear flashy, colorful attire. When she is working with her hands she will wear sensible garb and tie her hair back, but for the most part she loves to let her hair loose, wear flowy sorts of robes and dresses and skirts and capes, and generally swirl her way through life. She has a very bright smile which rarely disappears.
Personality: Irrepressible. She received the fullness of her father's impish streak and enough extroversion to balance out both of her siblings. She is lively, haughty, and fearless. She loves passionately, gives generously, and sings without provocation. She hates the ordinary and lives for the adventure of it all.

Private Page

Analia was born laughing and grew up dancing. She was very different from her brother and sister but this never bothered her, and indeed drove her to further individuate herself. Her imagination was a runaway train and she came to delight in trying things that others warned her against just to prove them wrong. It became almost a religion for her - faith in possibility, the firm assertion that much more could be got out of life than the naysayers would admit. She became a kind of evangelist for living more fully, and she developed a thrill-seeking streak. She was, in many ways, simply too large for the life she lived - too many interests, too many friends, too many goals and hopes and desires.

One of her chief interests lay in magic and technology. The possibility for change and for good that lay in these disciplines captivated her, and the challenge excited her. Some of her favorite times growing up were spent watching - later helping - her brother make his inventions. She became an avid student of the arcane and the technical both, and when she wasn't visiting the Senexene with her friends or coming up with elaborate travel plans with her closest pals, she spent a good deal of time in the library. That was where she met Ae'Ven Verbes - a quiet, rude, passionate man, who initially annoyed her but soon began to interest her. When he began to court her, she was not displeased, and they married in her nineteenth year.

Two and a half years later, she began to study with a traveling inventor, a half-elf calling himself Cor, who was in Doerstadt for a few months. Not long after that, she disappeared with him. Ae'Ven and Roland went looking for her but could not find her, and she has not been seen or heard from since then.

She always got along well with her family. Though she was very different from each of them, she was good at finding commonalities. She never understood Roland's weird obsession with the ordinary, but they were able to bond over his crafts. She did not understand the life Lome had chosen, but the two always loved to share stories of far away places and grand adventures. She and her father were very close, and very similar in a lot of ways. And her active imagination and theatrical demeanor made her very popular with Lome's young children.

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