Analia, though great with kids, is not very maternal, and many of the problems in her marriage can be traced back to this. Both she and Ae'Ven had big dreams, and that excited her about the future. But after they married, she began to notice how he was with Lome's kids, and she realized what it meant. He was also very committed to his father's business. So it was that at the very point in their lives together when she was starting to want to run away with him and see the world, he was starting to want to settle down. She was the kind of person to let her dreams reign, and to hell with the realities. He was the kind to dream big, but to value his commitments more highly, and put his dreams quietly in a drawer, to be looked at now and then but never acted upon.

Then, shortly before her twenty-first birthday, she became pregnant, and knew her life would be over, and could not accept that.

Ae'Ven never knew about it, and he never knew what she had done. When she developed an infection, and almost died, he asked no questions, but sat by her side as she struggled back to life. She felt guilty then as she had never felt before, as he loved her unconditionally, and she could do nothing but reflect on how she had hurt him, hurt him without his even knowing it. But part of her remained convinced that she had done what had to be done.

After she recovered, she tried to convince him to run away with her, as she had wanted all along. But though he knew nothing of the pregnancy, a wall had still come between them, and she felt she could not get through it. She still loved him fiercely - loved him for the man he was, but even more for the man she knew he could be, if he would just open his eyes. She found it terribly ironic that this man, who so refused to allow others not to live up to their capabilities, would stubbornly hold to his strange concept of loyalty and commitment to the point of stifling his own gifts and abilities. She could not accept it. He said he wanted to go, said he shared her desire, said they couldn't, just now, but he wanted to some day. But her life went on. Would she become pregnant again? Probably. Could she go through that again? No. And how long before they could see the world together? Five years? Ten? Twenty? She would be an old woman by then, her life wasted, dusty on a shelf. She loved him, but she despaired.

It was around this time that she met Cor. He was a cad, she saw right away, though not ill-natured. She despised him. But he taught her fascinating things about machines, and about work that was being done to combine magic and machines, and she could tell that he was falling for her. When he told her of his plans to go to Ashkelath, to the flying city, the jewel of Thrynn, to further his studies, she began to break. Ae'Ven was the better man - no question. But this man could give her the life she dreamed of, the life of adventure and magic and amazement that Ae'Ven, for all the best of reasons, was still denying her. And when he asked her if she wanted to come along, she had to say yes. Could her husband come too? No, Cor replied, he could not. That was the price. And she decided she was willing to pay it.

Telling Ae'Ven was one of the hardest things she ever did. She kind of hoped he would come find her, but she also knew what it would mean if he did. So she lied about where she was going. She had concealed things from him before, but never lied to his face. But like her father claimed once to have done, she turned, and walked away, and didn't look back.

She still loves Ae'Ven, and while she has developed some affection for Cor, she does not love him. She pretends to enjoy their time as a couple but is mainly there for the experiences he can provide her and not for him. There will eventually come a time in her life when, sadder-but-wiser, she will want to return to Ae'Ven if she can: when the adventure has lost its sheen and she longs for the quieter but deeper life he wanted to share with her. But she is not there yet.

Stats: Level 5 sorcerer, level 4 mindbender. This means she gets a permanent charm person, mindread 2/day, and push the weak mind 1/day (9 hours), and telepathy, which is how she communicates with Oroh, who can communicate with her, and others, who have to learn to communicate back. Note that it is 100 ft. distance.

STR 7, Dex 15(13 base), Con 13, Int 10, Wis 15, Cha 23(19 base)
BAB +4, Attack +4/+8 1d4+1d6 17-20x2
Base save +5/2/8. Saves +7/5/11
SPD 7/7/7/5, known 7/5/3/2.
24 skill points, 34 HP
Fireball, Suggestion
Scorching Ray, Invisibility, Protection from Arrows
Charm Person, hypnotism, magic missile, ray of enfeeblement, disguise self
Detect Magic, Light, Ray of Frost, Prestidigitation, Daze, Ghost Sound, Arcane Mark
Cloak of Charisma +4, Bracers of Armor +5, Ring of Protection +2, Amulet of the Planes, Boots of Speed, Gloves of Dexterity +2, Robe of Stars, Staff of Enchantment, Rod of Metamagic, Empower, lesser (3/day), Potion of cure serious wounds x2, Dagger of returning, keen, frost +2
Ioun stones come later
Practiced Spellcaster, Eschew Materials, Persuasive, Spell Focus, Greater spell focus (enchantment to both).
+8 to save DC for enchantment spells
Skills: Spellcraft +6, Bluff +8, Intimidate +4, Concentration +6
AC 19

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